Altrive, also known as the Pink Guy, is a Prankster Gangster in ExplodingTNT's videos, but was also referenced in several of Pink Sheep's videos. He was always with Pink Sheep at the start of the weird comments videos, and when the homies play baseball, Altrive sits on a blue couch and stares at fence posts, one of his favourite things to do.


The Best Place to Party in Roblox

When Pink Sheep went to the bar in the PGN Party Club, he realized Altrive was the bartender, selling Doritos, Mountain Dew and Pringles (In case they run out of Doritos) and staring at a fence post at the same time. He also appeared in a flashback.

Hello Neighbor World Record

Altrive is mentioned only in this video. Some point before Pink Sheep runs into his neighbor's house, he said that Altrive sits on a couch and stares at his white fence post.

Meet the Biggest Minecraft Noob in Minecraft History

Altrive re-appears in most of the video. The first time he was seen in this video was during Pink Sheep's nightmare where his voice was changed to Purple Shep's, but he comes by and says "I don't know you anymore." While Pink Sheep was in the SkyWars lobby, he called Altrive, who said that he joined the wrong game. He then came on the right lobby, but wanted to stare at fence posts instead of fighting so Pink Sheep had to burn the fence post but burned Altrive.

Altrive's Minecraft Skin