EntityMeme is an important Hater Nation member and is HN's biggest hacker and griefer.


EntityMeme's skin is a demon/monster-like creature with red, glowing eyes and sharp teeth. He wears a purple hood that covers his head, meaning only his face is visible.


  • Although he isn't the Griefer Nation leader, he is definitely the biggest hacker and griefer on McOrigins.
  • After Secret Assassin got fired out of the HN by Ilanwer3, there is no official HN Co-Leader, but Entity seems to be one.
  • He has tried to manipulate many PGNers on McOrigins, with little success.
  • He occasionally betrays his teammates.


We are and we will ALWAYS be PinkSheep haters. No matter how hard you 9 year olds try, you will not change that. So you can make sh*t videos, post cringy as f*ck comments. You can do anything that will show the fact, that you are just some triggered, p*ssy morons. Say whatever you want about haters. The fact is, that you will never stop us ;)                  

~~EntityMeme to PRANKSTERGANGSTERREDSHEEP and Michał Michałowskii in the comment section of llanwer3's video "Pgn shorts #8 - How PinkSheep invades Minecraft servers"

So many people have witnessed what I am talking about. I'm not saying that the PGN fans don't get punished at all. It's just the fact that since Pink Sheep IS THE FACE OF THE SERVER, like you said (that's mostly why McO is ruined), the people who disagree or have a different opinion about him, are most likely to be punished. There are more chances of them being accused of causing drama. They express their opinion (not liking PinkSheep), then the stubborn, brainwashed PGN tryhards that are ALL OVER the server, try critising that person and bullying him, because they can't handle his opinion. So, when he talks back, a mod comes and of course, supports the PGN kids. As a result, the person ends up being punished for... "causing drama" ... hmm where have I heard such a thing...oh yeah. You were the one who perm muted my friend ItsCrash420, for not liking PinkSheep. Your excuse for muting him was, of course, him causing drama. Not to mention that he had donated 200 dollars to the server... You can try replying to me and "prove me wrong" , but that won't change a thing. The truth is right in front of you all. It's whether you will accept it, or not...                       

                                                                                                                            ~~EntityMeme to Aalyih in the comment section of Ilanwer3's video "McOrigins - exposing McOrigins staff team MUST WATCH!"