ExplodingTNT is an adorable TNT person that makes YouTube videos. Pink Sheep (even though in older videos he said he was TNT's Biggest Fan) insults him and calls him ugly.

Although it seems like he hates ExplodingTNT, Pink Sheep is actually his friend, as stated in one of his videos, although some mobs are afraid of him. He loves TNT and making people go into lava. Though he's not a mouse people say he is one because they are insulting him, bullies, or just stupid. He also has one buck tooth and likes cheese, which is possibly the reason why people call him a mouse. Also, TNT's buck tooth is his signature buck tooth.

ExplodingTNT and Pink Sheep met when Pink Sheep lost his mustache trimmers in the sewers. He then saw ExplodingTNT, who showed Pink Sheep that he found the trimmers. Pink Sheep then threw them away because "[he] wasn't going to use mustache trimmers handled by a mouse."


In a video where Pink Sheep played factions, ExplodingTNT joined forces with Pinksheep and they made a faction called PGN. Also in "using pickup lines on ExplodingTNT" and one of his Q&A videos, Pink Sheep said TNT was a PG, but Pink Sheep just pretended to hate him because he smells like cheese. ExplodingTNT had even tried to do Trickshots (but he's really bad at them). ExplodingTNT Actually thinks he's a hamster. He is really a mouse.

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