ExplodingTNT's Lab is the house where ExplodingTNT lives and does experiments. It has a satellite dish attached to the roof, and is on the other side of Pink Sheep's house. It is sometimes blown up by Purple Shep.

ExplodingTNT's Lab

The lab from the outside


  • TNT-Making Room
  • Research Room
  • Bedroom


ExplodingTNT's Lab Destroyed By Purple Shep

Purple Shep Crazy Destroy ExplodingTNT's Lab

ExplodingTNT's Lab End Destroyed

Finally ExplodingTNT's Lab Destroyed & neighnorhood Failboat Get Angry

ExplodingTNT Unsen Destroy

You See ExplodingTNT Note: ExplodingTNT Noise TNT Destroy Purple shep this Bad Shep


  • It is unknown where the bedroom is located. It is either located upstairs or in the basement.
  • It is the only house in the TNT Town without windows.
  • It is unknown how to get to the tip of the satellite dish.
  • It is the location with the highest amount of explosions occurring there, but it is unknown how it is quickly rebuilt.
  • it has been destroyed 4 or 5 times so far, one of those times by pink sheep and the rest by purple shep