Failboat is a YouTuber and is friends with ExplodingTNT and Purple Shep.


  • Like ExplodingTNT did with Pink Sheep, Failboat helped Purple Shep start his YouTube Channel.
  • People speculate that Failboat and Purple Shep are one and the same because of him appearing in most of Purple Shep's videos and being on his favorite channels list. This rumor is, however, undeniably false, as he appeared in some of his videos and they have been shown with Purple Shep at the same time, and had appeared in ExplodingTNT videos before Purple Shep was born.
  • Recently, Pink Sheep and Failboat got into fight on Twitter after people voted Purple Shep as winner on the 2nd rap battle between Pink Sheep and Purple Shep. Failboat finally said "OK. You and me. Rap Battle. In 2 weeks. Gives us time to prepare." Pink Sheep said: "I can prepare a diss track in about 30 minutes, but whatever works for you. I can't wait to roast this failure." 2 weeks later, Pink Sheep was declared winner of the rap battle!! :D But the Twitter fight really damaged Pink Sheep and Failboat's relationship. I wouldn't say they're ENEMIES, but they definitely don't like each other.
  • Failboat was named after he never got this boat license for failing a total of 124,490,102 times.
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