Failboat's House is the residence of Failboat, Purple Shep and Seth. It is a very fancy house in the TNT Town, located in between two houses owned by unknown residents.

Failboat's House




  • There is a piano in the living room.
  • The inside of this house appeared in Pink Sheep's video "Pranking My Own Son" where he goes up the staircase and gets stuck on Soul Sand and finds a note written by Purple Shep saying "lOl I prAnked yoU hArd dadDy."
  • Sometimes, Purple Shep blows holes in the walls. He first did it in "My Dream House" where he could not find the front door.
  • In Purple Shep's video "My Dream House" creepers and skeletons were in Failboat's House, as well as Pink Sheep's House.
  • The PvP Chamber is under Failboat's House.
  • there are times when Purple Shep torments Failboat by pooping in his fridge, thinking it is a toilet