"I'm using a Snapchat filter to make it look like I don't have a mustache. Lol so ugly!"
Homie Dolphin is Pink Sheep's best friend and has a mustache since he is a homie.


Not much is known about his past. He met Pink Sheep when Pink Sheep was in a swimming competition where the competitors had to swim over 43 meters, but Pink Sheep did not know this and swam until he was trapped on an island where Homie Dolphin offered to give him a ride back.


  • He is Pink Sheep's best friend.
  • He has a mustache.
  • He called himself ugly when he used a snapchat filter to make it seem as though his mustache was gone.
  • He was born somewhere in 3004026 B.C.E and is very old.
  • There is a wiki dedicated to Homie Dolphin here (this wiki is not associated with the Homie Dolphin wiki in any ways.
  • 10 people on YouTube have pretended to be him, but Pink Sheep has confirmed that they are all fake.
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