Kittens_Rule11 was a prankster gangster appearing Pink Sheep's video "HACKER GAVE ME THIS GOD CHEST". At first, he shot an arrow at an armorless Pink Sheep, but then claimed he was just kidding and he was a homie. Pink Sheep did not trust hi, but he then proved himself to be a prankster gangster when he killed a player named chesegloves. They had a nice time and did parkour in their houses, but Pinksheep had not Trimmed his mustache so he said there was a penny in the void, but he did not believe it so Pink Sheep said that there was a quarter in the void. Kittens_Rule11 than jumped in after it and died.


  • Pink Sheep the reason Pink Sheep needed to kill him was "my mustache needs trimmed"
  • In the parkour, Pink Sheep had a pet pig who also made it up. This may have been Rueben from Minecraft Story Mode.
  • In Kittens_Rule11's death scene, Blue Sheep, who has over 2,000 subscribers said that he was recording at spawn. His channel link is Below r
  • Pink Sheep said "There's a quarter down there", the statement that would trick Kittens_Rule 11 into suicide at 9:11, the date of a deadly terrorist attack that killed exactly 2,996 people