The Neutrals are a small group, trying to get the Haters and PGS to make peace. They do not have much success, nor do they have a leader. however their numbers are growing, and sometimes veer towards one side or another. their main group was the Peace Nation, but it was taken down three Times. Also they have multiple sidebranches.


  • despite being small in population, they are trying to form peace
  • all neutral groups are of 3 categories, the pacifists(who are trying to stop the war), the keep-outers(who are trying to keep out of the fight the best they could) and the "cranky neutral" who show dislike towards both sides.
  • Pacifist neutrals often form "Peace Nations". However, they are getting taken down shortly after forming.
  • One of "PeaceNations" called "TeamPeace" was involving other players into their members without informing them or getting their agreement. That's why people like _EpicMC_ or Michał Michałowskii (_MichalPOLAND_) were getting perm-banned.(Michal appealed and unbanned himself, bud Epic did not)
  • Team Peace got influenced by the Hater Nation, by forcing them to accuse Michal of griefing their base, that was not true.