We have 6 kinds of staff on this wiki: rollbacks, chat moderators, discussion moderators, content moderators, administrators, and bereaucrats.


Rollbacks are the lowest type of staff on this wiki. They have the power to remove an edit completely, even off wiki activity, in just one click if they are not made in good faith.


Moderators are the middle men for power on this wiki. Each holds a significant amount of it but only in certain places on the wiki.

Chat Moderators: None

Discussion Moderators: Willk1088

Content Moderators: Chase McFly


Administrators have the second most power on the wiki. They have the power of every kind of moderator and have access to the admin dashboard. However, with great power comes great responsibility because they must help out everywhere on the wiki and attend admin meetings/votings.

Adims/Sysops: Chase McFly, UnknownBlock


Admins above admins. Only the most trusted members on the wiki will ever be bereaucrats. There is no application for them, they simply get decided on. There are however (nonpublic) requirements.

B-crats: UnknownBlock