Seth is a block of dirt with a sign on its front. He is Purple Shep's best friend. Purple Shep feels immense care for Seth. He wants the best for Seth.


Early Videos

When Purple Shep was at his home by the ocean, Seth appeared next to his bed. Purple Shep mentioned Seth in some of his videos.


When Purple Shep moved to the TNT Town, Seth had to be brought to Purple Shep's Room. Purple Shep was with Seth most of his days, where they went bowling for a few hours, and suggesting that they would get together and sing "Let it Friday."

In the video "I Cannot Talk" Seth got his own room, which looked pretty normal and connected to Purple Shep's room. A while after they were speaking, Seth was told to play Murder Mystery on Roblox but Seth didn't know the controls.


  • Whenever he talks, what he says cannot be heard by viewers, but only Purple Shep can hear him.