Main Video

The video starts off with Pink Sheep on top of the world's biggest diving board ever in Minecraft, getting ready to do the greatest trickshot of all time into a pool of water below. It claims it's going to be so legendary, everybody is going to talk about it on twitter. It then trickshots off the board and lands in what it thought was water, but it lit was lava, which lit Pink Sheep on fire, and instantly killed it.

Pink Sheep then starts doing the normal intro (Yo what is up my PranksterGangsters), then claiming ExplodingTNT did something to its Minecraft again, hinting the mouse did something in the past. It then goes on saying ExplodingTNT did something you not notice normally. Pink Sheep then tells the homies he switched the lava and water textures, and now lava is safe and water is not safe. He then says it's going to be super confusing for him, cause he has short term memory loss when it comes to ExplodingTNT telling him things. He claims he can remember things for years, but when it comes to ExplodingTNT, he forgets very easily. He tells the PranksterGangsters that they will check out the world, switching to a normal Minecraft world.

He then shows the viewers a normal world, with 2 pools of obsidian, 1 holding the dangerous water, and 1 holding the safe lava. The switch is obvious, with the lava where any water would normally be. A tall diving board made out of quartz is in the middle of the two pools, with Purple Shep dancing on the top. He then explains that he has Purple Shep, who is going to try both of them and test which one is safe and which one is not.