TNT Town

TNT Town is a small neighborhood composing of seven houses. It is the home of Pink Sheep, Failboat, ExplodingTNT and Purple Shep. Recently however, Liz has moved in to one of the houses. Two people work around here; Mailman Mat, the mailman, and Pest Control Paul, the exterminator (and also a Prankster Gangster). There are 3 houses with unknown residents or no residents at all, but Pink Sheep believes Herobrine resides in one of them. Liz has moved into one of these houses too, which leaves only 1 house with no one living in it (if herobrine is indeed living in one of the houses). Zeph Plays is sometimes shown walking around the neighborhood. The neighborhood is an extremely weird place, with dinosaurs appearing (despite supposedly being extinct) and random portals appearing out of nowhere. Pink Sheep's house is a prankster gangster place with a Meditation Room and a bed that guarantees an over 43-hour sleep session. One of Purple Shep's homes is a place in Failboat's house, the house is pretty normal except for Purple Shep's room that has a TREE growing in the middle of everything and a toaster to keep it company. ExplodingTNT's House is extremely weird, it's a giant science lab that makes TNT. Some believe that a mouse like exploding TNT would not be able understand how to build it. (It should be noted that this is just a joke and should not be taken serously.) One time, Pink Sheep blew up ExplodingTNT's House as a prank (it was copied and later pasted after TNT's reaction).


Phone Staring

ZephPlayz walking around the neighborhood

An Exterminator

Pest Control Paul wandering around the town


  • In Purple Shep's video "A Normal Day for Purple Shep, it is revealed that the home next to Herobrine's and Pink Sheep's belongs to The Sign Painter, who was out making a pizza for 40 years.
  • Chuck is a TNT Town resident, although he doesn't live in one of the houses.
  • ever since pink sheep blew up Explodingtnt`s house as a prank, Herobrine`s house has been shown to have suffered some damage to its roof, which has never been fixed.
  • The server has the orespawn mod installed.