TechyyMC (formerly IronSheepYT) is a hater of PinkSheep on the MCOrigins server, We is well known for greifing, stealing loot from PGN Plots, according to TechyyMC, He is a hater because of a Book in game made by Alpha654 called "The PGN: MCO's Biggest Mistake" after reading it, he became angry and joined hater nation

on the MCOrigins Server, on Creative Blue, TechyyMC's Hater Base is his 8th Plot (/p tp TechyyMC 8) with a cafe, Loads of PinkSheep Hater Builds, And More,

TechyyMC's MCOrigins Stats:

Rank: GOD

Back in the day, When he was IronSheepYT and had the "Premium" Rank, He had met a famous player named BlueSheepYT, (Now is BlueBobWP) He was very popular, And very PGN, Until the war started, Everyone was shouting hater alert, Dramas everywhere, BlueSheep and IronSheep have lost friendships and kept connecting again and losing friendships and just goes on.

This is all i can explain about myself, i will edit if i have more to talk about, Thanks for reading