TheHeroArch is a pgner and fan who makes amazing videos on the archie channel. he is known for flying around and appears on many servers, most notably McOrigins.

he has been defended several times, most notably by Westonkids and a few others.

he has been in the pgn for a while and is smart.

he has so far never appeared in a Pink Sheep video, but loves the pgn, and has helped a few on creative blue, in particular Westonkids. he is the typical loyal pgner.


  • he became a God ranker in September 2017, and was previously of legend rank
  • he is 7 or 8 years of age
  • he is treated like a VIP by Westonkids
  • his relations with CaiSi are improving to the point of even writing a minecraft book about it.
  • his channel has 70 plus subscribers and counting
  • he is most common on skyblock2, despite higher frequency on creative blue.
  • he has a tower on his skyblock where someone requests a build idea to him via the chat.
  • at least 6 ideas have been sent to him by friends, 3 of them by Westonkids
  • he has an edgy relationship with hooded shadow
  • his houses are always kept proffessional
  • despite being of god rank he does pay attention to the unranked majority, even when they make up half the server population