NoahBenjaNLYT also known as xNoahMC is was the leader of GLG, a neutral gang. Untill, julaage and huggestyle joined. It became a peace group. While noah was not completely agreed with that he didnt care. So he just went his way without them knowing. Well, Lets go further, In 2015/2016 before PGN and HN were a thing, Noah was member of the HB Clan. A MCO Creative group. The owner of the group's new username is unknown. They do have the god rank. The old name is still no longer known. Some people do remember it while i do not. And whoever i am is not important :) So, after. Noah was a PGN member. he made loads of pgn builds. Then he discovered truth and joined Hater Nation. He hated for a long, long time. But, his GLG Base on his plot, used to be a hater base. With loads of traps and alarms and mazes. They.. trapped loads of pgns and tried converting them. But... Their biggest target was HuggeStyle. with julaage helping Noah without knowing he is actually a pgn they msged about how to get huggestyle out the cage he kept getting trapped in.


After a long time Noah gave up, And he made GLG, his first nation. It grew wide untill DP was made. A rival nation. I guess, Sort of rival. They both had the same goal and they looked who could do it better, Noah realizing what his GLG Plots contained a friend called Llamaxanes / Trizenthic (A banned MCO Player) helped Noah to clean everything up, Then noah got tired of all drama and decided to declare war to HN while he regretted it after talking with _EpicMC_ (another perm banned user) And february 2018 he disbanded GLG now leaving as a regular MCO PLAYER that shall be remembered. But rumors say that he will ever strike back and make a new nation. If so that will be written under this text: By the way heres his skin and gfx (By Lionnco)


noah may take a similar appearance to Wife,expect he has a crown and a blue hoodie.


noah will appear if you die to one of his traps,you must avoid his traps and kill him to prevent him from killing you.

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